Carla Stephens

Carla Stephens is a Wife, Mother, Serial Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker for women entrepreneurs and professionals. Carla is known for her ability to speak relevant truth that energizes and encourages others to walk boldly and live loudly. Carla is also known for her straight forward approach to life and her passion for helping others to become the best version of themselves.  She lives by the mantra,

“Knowing who you are helps you reject who you are not”. 

In addition to being a popular motivational keynote speaker, Carla is a doting wife to her husband Jesse of 22 years, and mother of two very talented and athletic boys, Evan (14) and Ryan (11).  Carla is passionate about raising strong and focused young men and is described as the perfect blend of a Betty Crocker and a drill sergeant who rules with an iron fist.  She demands excellence from her children and works hard along with her husband to expose them to rich experiences.

A successful woman entrepreneur and multi-talented professional, Carla Stephens was the consulting producer and star of the Bravo television show, “Mother Funders”.  Additionally, she is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of two trucking companies and is among the few women who own their own truck or fleet in such a male dominated industry. Carla has always believed that women can do everything and that despite it being an industry that is majority male, there were great career opportunities in the trucking industry for women. As a result, Mrs. Stephens has proven that women can succeed in the trucking industry.

Always a go-getter, Carla works tirelessly to raise money and awareness for several organizations that she is passionate about.  She founded a non-profit organization called Moms & Dads Who Fundraise, Inc.  An organization dedicated to enhancing the educational environment by providing supplemental funds and facilitating events to benefit local elementary, middle and high schools and the community in which it serves.   As the former President of her Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) at her son’s school, Carla worked with a passion that has made people call her “Madame President”.  A title which she wears proudly because Carla believes fundraising is all about leadership.

While she loves her work, she is passionate about the time she spends serving alongside those who fight to stop the sexual exploitation of children.  In fact, Carla has been named the first-ever Celebrity Brand ambassador of Wellspring Living. Wellspring Living’s mission is to help domestic minor sex trafficking victims and the vulnerable develop the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed. 

Carla is known in her community as a change catalyst with strong leadership and organizational skills. She has served on several advisory boards and has an affinity for program development in small organizations.