Monica McCoy

Monica McCoy is the Founder of MonicaMotivates, an organization providing coaching, speaking, and consulting services that helps women transition from being spectators with their lives to being active participants inside the arena.

In 2011 Monica McCoy noticed the amount of women struggling to find their passion and purpose.

Sparking her to action, she founded MonicaMotivates, providing executive-level speaking, coaching and consulting services to professional corporate women and female business owners. Monica initially thought that she wanted to be a cardiologist when going to college, but quickly learned that she wanted to help save people lives in a different manner. MonicaMotivates focuses on providing actionable solutions for business owners to pursue their passion, dream, and goals.

Monica most recently was the Acting Global Director, Strategy, and Innovation for The McDonald’s Division where she led a range of visionary business initiatives. Since starting her career with The Coca-Cola Company in 2002, her innovative approach and passion for pushing the envelope earned her a variety of strategic positions and expanded responsibilities. In January of 2017, she left The Coca-Cola Company to dedicate her work to MonicaMotivates full time.