Pamela Sharpe

When everyone around you celebrates accomphlishments,you should celebrate too. That’s not the case when you live with “Impostor Syndrome.” An inability of high achieving individuals to internalize their accomplishments, achievements and successes. You live with a lingering feeling that you are a fraud, not worthy, or that you could be doing more to live in your truth. Pamela’s greatest passion, is assisting high achieving women breakthrough the perceptions and patterns that have kept them playing small. Kept them from persuing their passions, sharing their gifts and living the life of their dreams. Pamela helps clients strengthen their perceptions of themselves, move past old stories and live more peacefully and confidently. Moving from survival to thriving, as you “Stop the BS and Take Your Power Back.”

Pamela knows no single approach is right for every individual, she has been trained in a range of coaching techniques such as: Life Coach, Inifinite Possibilities Coaching and as a Divine Purpose Coach. Pamela has years of experience assisting women and men, see past the stories and move into confidence, successful businesses, careers and relationships.

Prior to starting Pamela Sharpe Coaching and Consulting, Pamela spent over 20 years in Training and Development, and Facilitation. Honing coaching and mentoring skills along the way. A proud mother of three adult children, who have been unsuspecting clients, helping her perfect her listening skills and intuition. Giving her the superpower of being able to spot “BS” when she hears and feels it. Pamela has worked for a diverse range of organizations, including associations, the federal government, non-profits, start-up companies, healthcare, and private sector companies. Pamela’s educational background includes a Masters degree in Instructional Technology from George Mason University, and a Bachelors degree in Information Technology from The Catholic University of America.

Pamela Sharpe is available for private consultations, and can be reached by phone at 571.969.3643 or by email at