Precious Avorkliyah

Precious Avorkliyah-Evans is a wife, mother and Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist dedicated to supporting individuals and couples in their efforts to achieving emotional awareness and wellness. Precious achieved her Bachelor Degree in Psychology from William Paterson University and her Masters of Science Degree in Clinical Social Work from Rutgers University. Eager to gather knowledge and help those at their highest peak of emotional pain, Precious worked with various demographics and in various settings. Precious has helped individuals, couples and families both young and mature reach a resolve about their past so that they can move forward into their future with joy. And through her clinical services, coaching, writings and motivational speaking she continues seeking to promote healthy minds, healthy hearts, and healthy relationships.

“If you want the next chapter of your story to be better than the last, change the narrative.”

Precious has geared her therapy practice toward women and women’s issues. Precious supports women in finding their truth, their power and their happiness. In this safe environment where truth and acceptance dwell, Precious, The Modern Therapist, uses laughter, transparency, modern technology, modern applications of skills and knowledge, casual conversation and modern transformation as tools for building the therapeutic relationship and driving the healing process. The Modern therapy experience is one that rejects the stereotype of awkward, rigid and unengaging session after session, during the most vulnerable moments in a client’s life.

Precious uses coaching as an extension of therapy, to bring the knowledge and insight gained during therapeutic sessions into the practical application phase. Coaching helps clients connect the dots and impact change in their day to day lives.

Precious furthers this work by reaching a broader audience with her writings on self- love and reciprocal relationships. She also travels as a motivational speaker, providing knowledge and guidance on methods for turning pain into progress. Precious believes that the keys to becoming the best versions of ourselves can be found in the very pain that we try to avoid. Once we confront the pain we will be able to gracefully move toward success and happiness.