Tiaera Williams

Entrepreneur • Philanthropist • Motivational Speaker • Life Coach

Tiaera Williams is a woman of great depth and incredible soul. She has used her life experience of heartbreaking betrayal and pain to encourage and inspire others, particularly young girls. Tiaera grew up in a loving household, the cherished daughter of a successful business man and mother who was a homemaker. She and her five siblings knew no lack, the family prayed together, and life was good… until Tiaera’s father revealed an addiction to drugs that almost wiped their family out.

Like many addicts, Tiaera’s father was good at hiding his addiction – he was a functioning addict for over a year before he could hide it no more. Tiaera’s mother worked during the day and prayed and cried at night trying to keep things together. Tiaera felt conflicting emotions about her mother’s tears: anger for portraying such “weakness” and empathy for the pain. It was not until Tiaera was an adult that she realized just how strong her mother actually was, to have held the family together during such a hard time.

Tiaera helped as she could – she got a job at 14 that did help financially, but was detrimental to her attitude. “No one could tell me nothing.” Since she was forced to act in an adult roll, Tiaera behaved in what she thought was an adult manner – she did what she wanted, when she wanted. Her contempt for school was evident in her constant altercations with other students and absences on the whole. Tiaera became pregnant at 17, was a mother at 18, and married at 21.

Up to that point, she was afraid to lose her then-husband, afraid to tell her family of her “shame” in her husband having a baby on her, afraid to be alone with the bills. But the daily panic attacks and trying to put a brave face on the scary situation she found herself were just too much to bear. And at 26, Tiaera found herself divorced with three children, and incredibly angry at God. “I couldn’t believe He’d let me go through all of that.”

Tiaera lost herself in another relationship, a man who gave her “anything and everything”. She drifted away from her family and even her children. To help get her mind clear and life back on track, Tiaera started journaling, writing about her life and her feelings about what had happened thus far. The process took her through anger, pain, and finally understanding – which led to a very strong relationship with God. In journaling her life experiences, Tiaera began speaking about them, too. First, at the YMCA, then to other groups. She did this a couple years before she shared her global vision and mission: to open a resource center for children. This dream was realized in 2016 when 25701 North Lakeland Blvd Euclid, OH was opened full time, five days a week. The joy in opening the center is almost as great as Tiaera’s testimony that her father has been in recovery from drugs 10 years, is a pastor, and her parents are still married.